Publication fee

Publication fee for one (1) paper:

Publication fee can be paid in Halyk Bank, Eurasian Bank, Kaspi Bank branches, using bank details listed below, or using Homebank, Smartbank и apps.

When paying the fee, please add a comment ‘for participation in _________________ conference’.

Publication fee is paid for each submitted paper.

Bank details


Non-profit JSC ‘Toraighyrov University’, Pavlodar, 64 Lomov str, Business Identification Number – BIN 990 140 004 654

Payment methods
1. JSC ‘Eurasian Bank’ payment account
Bank Identification Code – BIC EURIKZKA
2. JSC ‘Halyk Bank’
Bank Identification Code – BIC HSBKKZKX,
Payment account KZ156010241000003308
Beneficiary Code 16
Payment Purpose Code 859
3. Homebank, Smartbank, apps
Payments (Платежи) – Education (Образование) – Tuition fee (Оплата за ВУЗы) – Fill all the boxes («For participation in the conference ______________»)
4. Payment method for CIS countries in JSC ‘Halyk Bank’
Individual Identity Code – IIC КZ236010241000027996
Foreign currency account №236010241000027996 – RUB
Beneficiary Code 859
General classifier of enterprises and organizations 38848997