Publication fee

Payment is made ONLY AFTER the paper has been ACCEPTED by the responsible secretary. If the paper is rejected, the FUNDS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Publication fee for one (1) paper:

Publication fee can be paid in Halyk Bank, Eurasian Bank, Kaspi Bank branches, using bank details listed below, or using Homebank, Smartbank и apps.

When paying the fee, please add a comment ‘for participation in _________________ conference’.

Publication fee is paid for each submitted paper.

Bank details


Non-profit JSC ‘Toraighyrov University’, Pavlodar, 64 Lomov str, Business Identification Number – BIN 990 140 004 654

Payment methods
1. JSC ‘Eurasian Bank’ payment account
Bank Identification Code – BIC EURIKZKA
2. JSC ‘Halyk Bank’
Bank Identification Code – BIC HSBKKZKX,
Payment account KZ156010241000003308
Beneficiary Code 16
Payment Purpose Code 859
3. Homebank, Smartbank, apps
Payments (Платежи) – Education (Образование) – Tuition fee (Оплата за ВУЗы) – Fill all the boxes («For participation in the conference ______________»)
4. Payment method for CIS countries in JSC ‘Halyk Bank’
Individual Identity Code – IIC КZ236010241000027996
Foreign currency account №236010241000027996 – RUB
Beneficiary Code 859
General classifier of enterprises and organizations 38848997