Paper format requirements

Paper must match the scientific field of the section, be original, up-to-date, have scientific novelty, assumption validity, and meet the spelling and punctuation rules and format requirements.

Plagiarism check
The author independently checks the paper for plagiarism and provides a certificate of passing the plagiarism check.
Plagiarism check can be carried out on, or any other free services.
The originality of the paper must be at least 60%.
The certificate of passing the plagiarism check is accepted in JPG (screenshot) or PDF formats, and the title of the article/author should be clearly visible on the certificate. Certificates that do not meet the requirements will be rejected.

Section secretary has the right to reject or return for revision the materials, which do not meet the format requirements or the scientific field of the section, as well as in the case of an unsatisfactory result of checking for plagiarism.

Text processing program Microsoft Оffice Word (2003, 2007, 2010)
Text file format rtf, doc
Text volume 3-5 pages
Margins top, bottom – 2,5 cm., left – 3 cm., right – 2 cm.
Fonts Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman
Font size 12 pt
Spacing single (1,0)
Indentation 1,0 cm
Page numbering not required
Text alignment justified, should not have hyphenation
Pages should not have breaks, headers or footers
First line of text paper title – uppercase letters in bold; under it – last name and initials of the author, academic degree, academic rank, position, affiliation (full name of university, organization, company, etc.) and city in lowercase letters, single-spaced
Tables should be formatted in a way that allows it to edit them for conference proceeding book;
text in tables – font size 12 or 10 pt, line spacing 1,0
Images should be formatted in a way that allows it to edit them for conference proceeding book, i.e. images could be moved and resized. Original images should be in JPG or PDF, except for images made in Microsoft Word
Formulas should be filled in Microsoft Equation
References reference links are framed in square brackets, e.g.: [1, p. 12]. Reference list (in alphabet order – first local, then foreign authors or according to the reference order within text), numbered manually (not automatically). Should not exceed 10 references